Hiding and Observing Seriese

The human body is a tool for communicating, and often, we have very little control over what our body tells others. In my painting, performance, video, and photographic work, I explore the boundaries between public and private self, the differences in social norms between cultures, and the expressiveness of the body. In my performative works, I use myself as the subject of my videos and photos in order to evoke the sense of alienation, displacement, and misunderstanding that occurs when one is between cultures as well as to explore the ways in which we unintentionally give away personal information through our actions and expressions.

This Hiding and Observing series, I was interested in camouflaging, hiding, or obsecuring my physicality in this foreign countly. I attempt to explor my awkwardness in the social expectations, as well as social norms between my home culture and the country I now live in by photographs.

By those performative works, using a series of props to hide my body or face during social interactions, I also documented viewers' responses and myself by video to investigate the relationships in me and the cultural circumstances in the society I live, as well as paradoxically draws attention to myself.