Painting with Movable Objects Series: Painting and documentation Photography

This Painting with Moveable Objects Series is made in 2012, which is about one yer after I moved to the U.S. When I came here, I started making artworks based on investigation of who I am, and experiences between the Japanese tradition and contemporariness. 

In the Painting with Movable Object I, II and III, I uses traditional Japanese painting techniques such as gold and silver leaf in order to make background of a painting. Then I attched objects on these background. The attached objects constantly changed their locations on the surfaces, it seemed like they are looking for the place to fit in on the surfaces. It can be seen as expression of my feeling in displacement and sense of fragility in the foreign society, as well as investigation of myself.

Through experiences of making these paintings, I became aware of the space between canvases. In the Painting with Movable Object IV and V, I situated two canvases for 90 degree at the corner of mu studio, connected by threads or zipper. I was exited about space I created, the awareness of three dimention, made me very exiting. This excitment led me to creat multi-angle painting using a shoji screen panel. Then I realized that I have a desire that I wanted to be the object, I wanted to be the inside of the painting. So, I situated myseld in the work (Painting with Movable Object: Screen), metaphorically hiding from viewers' gaze. I felt that this situation gave me a strong sense of security.