Tsurezuregusa Series

This on-going project Tusrezuregusa for XXX (State name here), which is a contemporary take on a 13th century essay, Tsurerzuregusa (Essays in Idleness) by the author and monk, Kenko, in different physical locations in the U.S. The essay is famous for its contemplation of the idea of impermanence related to nature, place, and time. Seasonality is often a central theme in Japanese art, and nd when I work in a new place, I try to develop a deeper understanding of my physical environment. To do this, I incorporate local plants mixed with water from local resources into natural, handmade papers that I create over the duration of my stay. This project allow me to explore the colors and textures specific to the region and at the same time, will function as an indexical representation of the changing seasons and the locale in which it was formed.

I also create poems every days of my stay in new place, which makes me intentionally locate in a different setting from regular environment. I make a poem each day, sent it to people living in far from where I currently locate to edit. I then re-edited it, and finalized as watermark in hand-made papers of Tsurezuregusa. The series is an attempt by the me to investigate cross-continental communication, my own thought process through poetry in English, and myself: the relationship between isolation and communication to the world I lives in.