Writing and Filling Series: Video and Photograph

This Writing and Filling series consist one video and photo pieces as documentation of my performance. The video piece utilized writing as a form of self-erasing diary. Writing in Japanese on clear mylar, I wrote out anecdotes, quotes, memories and thoughts, methodically communicating my experiences until I am obscured behind a wall of unreadable text. I realized that the actions of writing my experiences and emotions, at the same time, filling gaps between sentenses to line-out my face from viewers and camera brought an interesting result. the writing action causes me to face who I am. I explore contradictions between expression and obscureness, facing reality and escaping, and facing and insight through this work. In Japanese, for the action which I am filling gaps between sentences, we could use the word, Umeru. the Umeru could mean 'bury', but at the same time could mean cover and filling. What was I burying? What kind of story is told by those contradictory actions which contain insight and hiding myself? This action is not only focusing to record my experiences, more like picking up my thoughts from chaos within me.